Technical Support Programs

7:30am - 5:00pm EST

Service & Repair Specialists



Refer to our chart below for description of our TSP and TSP+ programs that provide enhanced levels of customer support.

Full email and phone support; customers will also receive priority response when they send their technical questions to our TSP email address. X X
Access to our website’s Technical Reference Library (TRL). Here customers will find certain technical manuals and documentation, general troubleshooting techniques and other information that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Note: requires login username and password to access. X X
Additional discounts on select products and first offerings on closeout specials. X X
RTVT (Real Time Video Troubleshooting). This is a new service we are providing to our customers using apps like Skype, Viber, Google Hangouts, or other video chat service. This platform is the best solution for troubleshooting remotely, as it puts our technician in your shop without travel costs and at a reduced labor rate! --- X

RTVT is a new service that we introduced last year and is included in the TSP+ program. We will utilize several applications such as Skype, Google Hanouts and Viber, which any customer can download and install on their portable device (we will also consider adding to our list if a customer is currently using another video app).

Video access greatly reduces the time and involvement in performing remote troubleshooting, without the travel expense and at a rate that is less than our standard onsite labor rate (RTVT will be available on an as-needed basis for $100/hr, our standard onsite labor rate is $120/hr).

RTVT is the fastest, simplest and most reliable way to perform remote troubleshooting which means it is the fastest and least expensive way for us to help you get your machine up and running. Call us today for more information (585.742.1490).

Download pdf version HERE