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Welcome to CNC Technical Services

Parts…Service…Technical Support: these are the components necessary to provide full customer service. In our line of work, customers need more than just a price, more than just some instructions on how to fix something. What our customers need is a company they can trust to provide them with quality parts, fast delivery and good pricing. Someone who can provide answers to their questions and a level of service that will actually resolve problems, whether it be over the phone, via e-mail, or an on-site service call. motor.png

Put all that together, and you have CNC Technical Services. Founded in 2003 as a field-service organization, we have grown over the past 12 years into one of the premier independent service and parts providers in the CNC machining industry. We now provide technical support, parts sales and on-site service for all the major brands of controls and machine tools for hundreds of customers.

cnc technical Our tremendous growth hasn’t come from simply selling parts and service. Instead, it has come from our focus on providing solutions for our customers. If the solution requires a part or service, we certainly can provide that. However, sometimes the solution is as simple as providing a procedure, troubleshooting a schematic over the phone, or other solution that doesn’t incur any cost to the customer at all. We believe that this is what really separates us from the typical organization that can do little more than give you a price quote. Our vast knowledge of CNC machinery gives us the ability to answer your questions and get you up and running, regardless if a sale is involved or not. Our customers have come to expect this level of service from us and it is exactly that commitment to helping our customer that will propel us moving forward into the future.

Speaking of our future, we believe it is full of opportunities to further serve our customers. We are continuously bringing new products and services to our customers – LCD & USB retrofits, high pressure coolant systems, and workholding solutions are just some of the new products we are offering now.

In 2013, we completed a major restructuring of our facility and expanded our operation further into areas such as used machinery and training.

Used Machinery: Working with customers and dealers from around the country, we now provide quality used machinery that we can stand behind with parts and service support, even providing warranties. Whether it is brokering a deal or a machine that we took in and refurbished, we will be able to find a machine that is right for you.

cnc technical